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Purdue NExT offers professional development courses that allow learners to enhance their skillsets. These online professional development courses deliver key core competencies through a wide range of subject areas including Business Optimization, Financial Services, Business Services, Hybrid Electric Vehicles, Communication, Integrated Circuit Development, Computer Science, Science, and Mathematics.

The Purdue NExT courses are perfect for businesses looking to bolster their employee skill level, higher education institutions that wish to supplement their degree programs and curricula, and individual lifelong learners looking to expand their knowledge.

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Upcoming Courses

  • Borges and the Sciences – (English)
  • Engineering Math: Ordinary Differential Equations
  • Engineering Math: Single Variable Calculus
  • Introduction to Economic Development & Innovation Strategy

Business Services

Gamification | bs.gam.i1
Marketing | bs.glob.i1
Lean Supply Chain | bs.scm.i1
Lean Supply Chain | bs.scm.i2
Sustainability | bs.sust.i1
Venture Capital | bs.vent.i1
Lean Supply Chain | ms.health.i1
Lean Supply Chain | ms.health.i2
Training | ols.etm.i1


Communications | cla.com.i1
Communications | cla.com.i2

Computer Science

Computation | cs.para.i2

Integrated Circuit Development

Signal Processing | ece.embed.i1

Business Optimization

Optimization Modeling | bs.ecomod.i1
Optimization Modeling | bs.ecomod.i2
Lean Supply Chain | bs.lean.i1
Lean Supply Chain | bs.lean.i2
Lean Supply Chain | bs.lean.i3
Lean Supply Chain | bs.lean.i4

Financial Services

Intermediate Accounting | fin.acct.i1
Intermediate Accounting | fin.acct.i2
Intermediate Accounting | fin.acct.i3
Intermediate Accounting | fin.acct.i4
Intermediate Accounting | fin.acct.i5
Intermediate Accounting | fin.acct.i6
Business Accounting | fin.basics.i1
Managerial Accounting | fin.cost.i1
Managerial Accounting | fin.cost.i2
Advanced Personal Finance | fin.personal.i1
Tax Accounting | fin.tax.i1
Tax Accounting | fin.tax.i2
Tax Accounting | fin.tax.i3

Hybrid Electric Vehicles

Hybrid Vehicles | ce.batt.i1
Hybrid Vehicles | ece.power.i1
Hybrid Vehicles | me.hysys.i1
Fuel Cells | nu.fuel.m1
Fuel Cells | nu.fuel.m2

Science & Mathematics

Polymer Science | ce.poly.m1
Polymer Science | ce.poly.m2
Biometrics | cot.bioin.i1
Biometrics | cot.bioin.i2