Presenting Persuasive Information

Course Descriptions:

Presenting Persuasive Information is designed to provide an overview of key issues related to the design and delivery of formal and informal persuasive presentations and information. Persuasive communication is focused on attempts to influence or change the attitudes, behaviors, and beliefs of others. As such, it represents a critical communication skill that underlies personal and professional success. It is designed to complement material presented in, the course, “Presenting Complex Information.”

Students will Learn:

  • Major principles that underlie the effectiveness of persuasive information.
  • How to apply important theoretical concepts to the development of persuasive messages.
  • To evaluate the quality of arguments in their own and other’s presentations.
  • To properly structure persuasive messages to maximize impact.

Course Modules:

Module 1 – Persuasion Fundamentals

  • Learning Objective: Define persuasion in the field of communication, list source characteristics and evaluate their effects on message delivery, analyze message factors, and identify receiver characteristics.

Module 2 – Theories of Persuasion

  • Learning Objective: Examine the Elaboration Likelihood, Behavioral Intention, and Extended Parallel Process models and explore their utility in creating effective persuasive messages, apply the Social Judgment and Cognitive Dissonance theories to persuasive communication.

Module 3 – Making Good Arguements

  • Learning Objective: Define arguments, evaluate emotional appeals, develop instructional presentations, and construct concrete arguments.

Module 4 – Organizing Persuasive Messages

  • Learning Objective: Analyze the components of a well ordered argument, inspect the structure of transformative explanations, and examine the proper structure of a presentation.

Module 5 – Social Influence

  • Learning Objective: Examine methods for making requests and apply sequential request strategies to enhance message or presentational influence.

Recommended Background:

  • This course is targeted toward working professionals seeking to improve their understanding of communication and persuasion.

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