Initial Lean Supply Chain – Tactical

Course Description:

Students completing the Initial Lean Supply Chain – Tactical course will learn how to apply lean concepts and tools across an organization to facilitate a cross-functional lean initiative.

Students will Learn:

  • To lead a cross-functional team to implement lean processes such as: pull systems, single piece flow, cellular line design, etc.
  • To facilitate effective meetings
  • To lead a small team in a Kaizen activity 

Course Modules:

Module 1 – Lean Systems Implementation

  • Learning Objective: Define the 5 principles for success, the 8 reasons Lean fails, the qualities of Lean leadership, the 4 rules of Lean implementation, the 5 shop floor principles, and Scientific Thinking.

Module 2 – Effective Meetings and 5-Phase Implementation

  • Learning Objective: Establish the importance of planning and facilitating effective meetings and how to set up a meeting room depending on the type of meeting, analyze an effective meeting to avoid wasted time, define the prerequisites, objectives, changes needed, tools, enabling forces and roadblocks associated with Phases 1 through 5 Implementation.

Module 3 – Pull Systems Introduction and Cell Design

  • Learning Objective: Analyze the benefits, components and requirements of a pull system and the way in which it contributes to enhanced flow in an integrated lean system, demonstrate standardized work, and describe the principles of work cell design and lean design guidelines.

Module 4 – Kaizen Events, Raising Efficiency, and Problem Solving

  • Learning Objective: Identify the elements and structure of a Kaizen (continuous process movement) event and the basic nature of the event’s focus – waste, list the 10 steps of a Kaizen event and evaluate how to schedule these steps over one week, observe the nature of efficiency, establish methods for its improvement and its relation to customer satisfaction in a lean environment, assess the basic structure and application of Toyota’s problem-solving methodology and the role in plays in the lean system.

Module 5 – Quick Changeover, Effective Communications, and Lean Supply Chain – Tactical Summary

  • Learning Objective: List the steps to implement Quick Changeover and define where Quick Changeover is used and the benefits of implementing Quick Changeover, differentiate what to communicate upward to management and what to communicate downward to team members, identify the key aspects of implementing lean, summarize the key lessons learned, and utilize the order of tools and the 5 phases of tool implementation.

Recommended Background:

  • Professionals including graduate students currently working in management
  • Professionals including graduate students looking to transition into a management role 

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