Initial Lean Supply Chain – Proficiency

Course Description:

Students completing the Initial Lean Supply Chain – Proficiency course will obtain a high level of understanding of lean concepts, lean tools, and lean best practices that can be used to improve organizations. 

Students will Learn:

  • Benefits of applying these in multiple environments, including manufacturing, office administration and service-oriented businesses
  • How to understand the fundamental tools of the lean supply chain and when and how to use these tools achieve immediate improvements in their areas of responsibility

Course Modules:

Module 1 – Lean Overview, Terminology, and Workplace Organization

  • Learning Objective: Explain the history of lean and define the principles and tools of a lean system, prepare to identify waste, define and categorize basic lean terms into logical groupings, implement the lean tool and each of the 5 S’s, and identify the importance of implementing 5 S to create a foundation for lean.

Module 2 – Visual Factory and Value Stream Mapping

  • Learning Objective: Analyze the components of Visual Factory and how to implement them, define the Visual Factory Pyramid and describe how it is used to guide Visual Factory implementation, identify how Value Stream Mapping is used in process flow, record problems and waste, and organize a current state and future state map based on VSM findings.

Module 3 – Standardized Work

  • Learning Objective: Define standardized work and how it is an important foundational step in building stability for a lean system, explain how to implement standardized work, and identify how standardized work is used to trigger continuous improvement.

Module 4 – Quality and Total Productive Maintenance

  • Learning Objective: Explain how quality is implemented in a lean organization, define who is responsible for quality in a lean organization, identify the lean tools that are used to promote quality, and explain how Total Productive Maintenance is implemented in a lean factory.

Module 5 – Lean Metrics and Lean Supply Chain – Proficiency Summary

  • Learning Objective: Demonstrate how lean metrics are used to monitor and manage a lean factory, calculate the various lean metrics, and prepare lean metrics to ensure continuous improvement is achieved.

Recommended Background:

  • Professionals including graduate students currently working in management
  • Professionals including graduate students looking to transition into a management role

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