Introduction to Biometrics

Course Description:

The Introduction to Biometrics course introduces students to biometric technology. Each module covers a component of biometrics, from an introduction to a discussion on each of the main biometric modalities including: fingerprint recognition, iris recognition, and face recognition.

Students will Learn:

  • Biometric modalities
  • Potential uses
  • To concentrate on the applied nature
  • To enable business practitioners to understand how biometric modalities work

Course Modules:

Module 1 – Introduction to Biometrics

  • Learning Objective: Assess ways of how we identify people, identify different environments for biometric use, define biometrics, list the two main phases of a biometric system, define data capture, describe stability, and list biometric system attributes.

Module 2 – Fingerprint Recognition

  • Learning Objective: Describe the formation of fingerprints, identify the characteristics of fingerprints, explain the role of the FBI in the development of fingerprint recognition, define minutiae points, and understand the different acquisition technologies.

Module 3 – Iris Recognition

  • Learning Objective: Understand the structure and identify the various components of the eye, explain how image processing is used in segmentation, define iris normalization, and list various metrics that determine image quality.

Module 4 – Face Recognition

  • Learning Objective: Describe face standards, define face image formats, differentiate between local and global features, list factors that affect performance of facial recognition, define face detection, and understand how stability is desired when acquiring images.

Module 5 – Other Biometric Modalities

  • Learning Objective: Understand the cornea structure, list advantages and disadvantages of ear recognition, describe the retina capture process, define authenticity, classify the challenges with signature verification, explain the acquisition process for hand geometry, and identify different types of vein recognition devices.

Recommended Background:

  • The course is targeted at professionals interested in learning about biometric technology and its applications.

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