Global Marketing Management

Course Description:

This course is about “management” of what the Oxford Dictionary defines as “marketing on a worldwide scale reconciling or taking commercial advantage of global operational differences, similarities, and opportunities in order to meet global objectives.” It will focus on such efforts on the part of both U.S.-based and foreign-based companies without a country of origin bias. This course will impart an in-depth knowledge of the various Global Marketing issues companies face today.

Topics will include:

  • The advent of Mobile and its impact on Marketing.
  • mLearning and Social Media from a Global Perspective.
  • A set of analytical tools and frameworks that will help you understand/analyze as well as impact these issues.
  • Analyzing firms and/or organizations currently developing new business models (or reforming existing ones) in line with Global Marketing development.

Students will Learn:

  • To analyze the various issues firms face when entering a global market.
  • How to develop solutions based on evaluations.
  • To recognize how technology-based products impact the global market.

Course Modules:

Module 1 – Entering the Global Market

  • Learning Objective: Explain global marketing management and the goals and requirements for the course, identify the issues firms face when entering global markets, appreciate that both old and new firms can “go global,” and explore particular culture traits that companies often face in new markets.

Module 2 – Global Market Assessment

  • Learning Objective: Identify considerable issues when entering foreign markets, explore the global marketing background with the insights of an industry veteran, evaluate global markets using various models and tools, develop multidisciplinary decision-making tools, and explore and develop solutions to address distances between countries.

Module 3 – Explanation Strategies

  • Learning Objective: Identify the issues and challenges facing global firms in managing distribution channels, explain the importance of traditional branding principles for building a sustainable global brand, explore the changes of strategy as a company moves through the stages in the PLC, describe the business strategies for globalization, assess various aspects of marketing from a global perspective, and cite strategic alternatives to various development strategies.

Module 4 – Managing Global Market Operations

  • Learning Objective: Deconstruct organizational management skills for Global Marketing, describe how products and services flow between global markets, and explain how technology-based products are marketed across global boundaries.

Module 5 – Global Marketing Management Review

  • Learning Objective: Recognize the impact of smartphones on the global market, explain how to “put it all together” regardless of firm size, location, market, or product/service, and apply the concepts and theories studied and discussed in class.

Recommended Background:

  • MBA, MS, and PhD students interested in learning about Global Marketing.
  • Professionals, including graduate students, currently working in management or looking to transition into a management role.
Badge Awarded: 

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