Advanced Personal Finance

Course Description:

The Advanced Personal Finance class explores the important aspects of personal finance. Time Value of Money, stocks, options, insider training, retirement, life insurance, and various daily economics will be discussed in-depth throughout this personal finance course.

Students will Learn:

Learners will be able to identify the fundamentals of Time Value of Money, assess simple and compound interest, evaluate stock and bond pricing, identify the various options that are available and how to price, use and index those options, gain a better understanding of IRAs and how to plan for retirement, and analyze the financial options that are available on a daily basis.

Course Modules:

Module 1 – Time Value of Money

  • Learning Objective: Identify the fundamentals of Time Value of Money (TVM), analyze simple and compound interest, assess annuities including present value annuities, evaluate stock and bond pricing, and understand loan amortization.

Module 2 – Stocks

  • Learning Objective: Assess Put Call Parity using examples, understand the research behind stocks, evaluate Facebook’s stock including competition, key statistics, major holders, and income statements, analyze modern innovations in the stock market, describe how market manipulators work, and define research based markets as well as global trading.

Module 3 – Options

  • Learning Objective: Evaluate the various options that are available and how to price, use, and index those options, understand the roles of an option buyer and option seller, assess other option strategies, and analyze future contracts.

Module 4 – Insider Trading

  • Learning Objective: Define insider training and the research accompanied with it, analyze price discover, assess stealth trading, and evaluate decimalization, liquidity, and decimal pricing.

Module 5 – Retirement

  • Learning Objective: Evaluate the start early live happy and three legged stool concepts, understand social security and its history, assess pensions and the benefits of a defined contribution, understand the difference between a Roth IRA and traditional IRA, and analyze life insurance pricing and retirement.

Module 6 – Daily Economics

  • Learning Objective: Identify the various options available when shopping online or at a store, when grocery shopping, and when getting news information, evaluate eating at home vs. eating at a restaurant, assess the pros and cons of leasing a car vs buying one, understand the housing options and how mortgages work, and analyze what kind of credit cards are useful for various ways of life.

Recommended Background:

  • The Advanced Personal Finance course is targeted toward independent learners, working professionals, and students that wish to gain or improve their knowledge of personal finance.
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