Timothy S. Fisher
James G. Dwyer Professor of Mechanical Engineering
Timothy Fisher


  • Ph.D., Cornell University
  • B.S., Cornell University

Research and Experience Highlights:

  • Dr. Fisher's active research interests include nanoscale energy transport, storage and conversion, synthesis of nanomaterials, cooling of microelectronics, and microfluidics.
  • Dr. Fisher is the author of a number of engineering studies including “Graphitic petal electrodes for all-solid-state flexible supercapacitors,” “Models for metal hydride particle shape, packing, and heat transfer,” and “Mechanism of thermal conductivity reduction in few-layer graphene.”

Purdue University Courses Taught

  • ME 200: Thermodynamics I
  • ME 315: Heat and Mass Transfer
  • ME 503: Nano- and Micro-scale Energy Transfer Processes
  • ME 505: Intermediate Heat Transfer
  • ME 595M: Computational Methods for Nanoscale Thermal Transport
  • ME 605: Convection of Heat and Mass
  • ME 606: Radiation Heat Transfer