Stephen Elliott
Associate Professor
Stephen Elliott


  • B.S. in Political Science from Iowa State University
  • M.S. in Transport Planning and Management from University of Westminster (London)
  • Ph.D. in Industrial Technology/Automatic Identification & Data Capture from Purdue University

Research and Experience Highlights:

  • Dr. Elliott's teaching and research interests are in the field of biometrics. He currently leads a team of graduate and undergraduate students who work in the area of biometric technology.
  • His research interests within biometrics include testing and evaluation of biometric devices, biometric performance, and biometric education initiatives.
  • He has spoken at several conferences both internationally and nationally.
  • Dr. Elliott is also active in biometric standards initiatives.

Purdue University Courses Taught:

  • IT 345: Automatic Identification and Data Capture
  • IT 545: Biometrics Technology and Applications
  • IT 590: Special Problems in Industrial Technology

Purdue NExT Courses Taught: