Effective Training Methods

Course Descriptions:

Effective Training Methods presents the nature and principles of adult learning with specific applications to employee training and development (T&D) in business, governmental, and non-profit organizational environments. The course focuses not only on the more traditional components of effective T&D, but also on its broadening role in organizations. The student will gain theoretical and practical (applied) perspectives on needs assessment, design, development, delivery, and evaluation of training and development programs.

Students will Learn:

  • To identify training needs and write training objectives
  • To analyze job tasks for purposes of planning and training
  • To select appropriate training methods
  • To plan and conduct small group or class training activities
  • To describe methods of training program evaluation
  • To explain the basic theory and ideas behind the ADDIE and other training models
  • To develop a training manual for a specific position
  • To present a training class for a specific position

Course Modules:

Module 1 – Employee Learning and Strategic Training

  • Learning Objective:Analyze the forces influencing the workplace and learning, discuss the key components of learning and intangible assets, evaluate business strategy and its impact on training, define a learning purpose, and conduct a SWOT analysis.

Module 2 – Needs Assessment, Generations, and Learning & Transfer of Training

  • Learning Objective: Determine if a Needs Assessment is appropriate, understand Gap analysis and the roles of organizational, person, and task analysis, analyze the different generations and their impact in the workplace, assess learning styles, and discuss the impact of the different learning theories.

Module 3 – Presentation Skills and Traditional Training

  • Learning Objective: Analyze the different types of presentations and how a presenter will respond to different groups, define traditional training methods, and assess the impact of traditional training methods on your training courses.

Module 4 – Program Design and Assessment

  • Learning Objective: Create a curriculum course and lesson plan including a detailed plan of activities that you will be using in your training session, discuss what a Learning Management System (LMS) is and how to use it in your training course, write learning objectives, create an evaluation format, and calculate the Return on Investment (ROI) in your training sessions.

Module 5 – Training Methods, Manual Creation, and Development

  • Learning Objective: Analyze eLearning and some of the tools and techniques, assess blended learning and how you can integrate blended learning into your training sessions, and write a training manual.

Recommended Background:

  • This course is targeted toward undergraduates, graduates, and professionals in management, training and development, and operations.
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