Benefits To Institutions

Purdue NExT gives universities and other higher education organizations a quick and convenient way to boost available curricula in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). Taught by world-class Purdue University professors, Purdue NExT online courses integrate into your existing undergraduate or graduate programs and offer students advanced new knowledge and a competitive edge.

Benefits of Purdue NExT for Institutions: 

  • Easily integrate STEM curricula in undergraduate or graduate programs—online format complements all modalities
  • Access Purdue University's world-renowned faculty and connect your students with leaders in STEM research and innovation
  • Purdue NExT handles course development, content delivery and proctoring
  • Choose to offer a single Purdue NExT course or a skill-building series
  • Improve the quality of your educational offerings to better prepare your students for successful careers upon graduation

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