Purdue NExT Your Corporate Learning Solution (Infographic)

Purdue NExT is the next generation of professional development. The growing repository of online and instantly accessible and professional development courses is available for adaptation to meet your organization’s learning needs. Purdue’s world-class faculty members apply their expertise in online courses and can also adapt and customize courses for your organization.

Two Paths:

Adapt Readily Available Courses

  • Select courses from the Purdue NExT library
  • Complete adaptation questionnaire
  • Courses are rapidly adapted and deployed for immediate learner access

Custom Learning Programs

  • Identify topic expertise
  • Outline specific company skill gap needs and content adaptation
  • Course developed and deployed in 6+ weeks

Five-Week Learning Paths

Purdue NExT courses are continually updated with the latest information to meet the needs of professional learners. These micro-learning courses break down complex subject matter into clear-cut, stackable learning modules that deliver content over 5 weeks. Content can be adapted to meet specific training and timeframe needs. Badges, certificates and CEUs are awarded for course completion.

Corporate Learner Selects a Course:

  • Corporate learner selects a course
  • Learner accesses and completes online course in 5 weeks
  • Learner earns digital badge, certificate with CEUs, applies skills and moves on to next course in series

Purdue NExT Benefits:

  • Extensive catalog of adaptable, instant access, professional development courses
  • Cloud-based access to the course and interactive learning elements
  • Purdue provides micro-credential digital badges, certificates and official Continuing Education Units (CEUs) to signify skillsets
  • Learners gain relevant, applicable skillsets, improved work efficiency and transferable skills

Organizations Gain Immediate Return on Intelligence: ROI

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