Continuing Education Units and Micro-credentials

Evolve Employee Knowledge with Stackable Skillsets

Purdue NExT offers employers skill-based continuing education courses and relevant, applicable and current learning solutions. These continuing education courses bolster employee value and impact by delivering knowledge and skills that are essential in the marketplace today.

What Are Continuing Education Units (CEUs)?

CEUs are individual recognized courses that give working professionals the education to maintain and enhance their professional skillset. They are not a degree and do not lead to a degree, but instead provide rapid, stackable skills that can be used immediately.

The regular achievement of CEUs is required in many fields including architecture and engineering. As such CEU are consistent units of measure to represent professional education activities of a certain standard. One CEU is equal to 10 hours of participation in an organized experience under responsible sponsorship, capable direction and qualified instruction.

Continuing Education from Purdue NExT is Powerful

Purdue NExT CEU courses are five-week, fully online micro learning experience that include 10 hours of instruction, sponsored by Purdue University and created and taught by respected Purdue faculty members who are all teachers, researchers and scholars in their areas of expertise. Course work is engaging, interactive and immediately applicable to the learner’s professional environment. Because the courses are delivered online, employees have the flexibility to complete course work at the time that works best for them while continuing to meet professional and personal commitments.

The Value of Micro-credentialing and Badges

Professional learners who successfully complete Purdue NExT courses achieve micro-credentials or digital badges representing the skills they have learned in CEU studies. Purdue NExT digital badges give learners a fast way to visually represent their stackable skillset and provides employers with a way to capture and evaluate these skills. These digital badges are more than just an icon on a resume. Managers or recruiters can click on each badge to learn more about skill it represents directly from Purdue.

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