Corporate Benefits of Purdue NExT Professional Development Courses

Purdue NExT delivers progressive skill-based professional development solutions that bolsters your human capital's expertise as well as propels your business forward. Purdue NExT’s cutting-edge online content unites the experience of prominent expert practitioners with quality research based curriculum from Purdue University. Course content is delivered in clusters of 5 learning modules to make it easy to quickly master progressive learning and get to application of new skills as quickly as possible. These stackable learning objectives help learners master an overall learning outcome or series of learning outcomes over time.

As a corporate partner with Purdue NExT, multiple options are available to support your learning and development initiatives, ranging from use of our standard course catalog to complete customization of course content to meet the evolving needs within your organization.  The powerful combination of Purdue NExT expertise and adaptability of course options, blended with our flexibility to deploy relevant learning solutions that meet your organization's training and skill development needs, offers a unique corporate partnership with a prominent university to your employees.

Through Purdue NExT, your employees gain immediate access to courses that deliver skills and core competencies on topics including science, technology, engineering, math (STEM), business services, communication, financial services, and management. Course content is "evergreen" or "living," meaning that course content is updated with the latest research support to enhance the learning of relevant concepts, remedy skill gaps, and modernize your employees' own expertise to build functionality within your workforce.

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Corporate Partnership With Purdue NExT

A powerful employee training and development program does more than boost efficiency, it can increase employee retention, improve morale, and foster the innovative ideas your company needs to grow.

A partnership with Purdue NExT has the power to give your employees the up to date knowledge, skills, and real world application they need to propel your business forward in today's competitive marketplace. In addition, employees who successfully complete our courses benefit from professional recognition by obtaining a micro-credential/digital badge and a Purdue NExT Certificate awarding Purdue University Continuing Education Units (CEUs).

When your business forms a corporate partnership with Purdue NExT, you have built an alliance that will help you achieve your business' strategic goals. Purdue NExT uses a collaborative, scalable, and measureable approach that can help your company define and implement training that meets your employee learning and development initiatives.

Benefits your business gains when partnering with Purdue NExT:

  • On demand online training to remedy skill gaps and modernize expertise of your workforce
  • Immediate transferable skills through virtual simulations and interactive learning activities
  • stackable skill development courses that enrich and build employee functionality within your workforce

Additional Resources Gained When Partnering with Purdue NExT

  • Customized launch plan that takes into account your organization's branding, needs, and culture
  • Marketing support of skill development courses from Purdue NExT to your employees
  • Marketing materials: flyers, emails and other marketing resources to drive employee engagement, plus intranet links and a landing page that details Purdue NExT program and contact information

Purdue NExT Delivers on Core Competencies That Fit Your Business Needs

  • Financial Accounting Concepts
  • Business Management
  • Complex Problem Solving
  • Critical Thinking
  • Methods Analysis
  • Operations Analysis
  • Operations Monitoring & Control
  • Programming
  • Quality Control Analysis
  • Security
  • Systems Analysis and Evaluation
  • Technology Design
  • Test Design
  • Written and Oral Technical Communications 

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