Frequently Asked Questions

To learn more about the next generation of learning with Purdue NExT, view the topics and frequently asked questions below.


Who can take a Purdue NExT course?
Any adult learner can enroll in a Purdue NExT course that has met the required prerequisites of the course, regardless if he/she’s company or institution has a partnership with Purdue NExT. However, if you are interested in discussing establishing a partnership with Purdue NExT please click here to learn more.

Can current Purdue University students take a Purdue NExT course?
Yes. To learn more email

What is the format of the courses?
Purdue NExT courses are taken fully online. They are self-paced, and incorporate multiple forms of media typically. Most are part of a series, but each can be taken as a stand-alone course. Learners will view short pre-recorded instruction videos, participate in interactive learning activities for application, have the ability to engage with faculty and peers in courses and check application of skills developed through assignments and quizzes.

How long are the courses?
Each course has been designed to run for five weeks, however, learners can move at their own pace. Learners may accelerate their progress and complete the course in a shorter time period. Conversely, learners may progress at a slower pace, up to a maximum of six months.

When do courses start?
Once a learner registers, he/she has access to start the course immediately.

How much time does each course take?
The estimated effort is 6-8 hours per week for each course. Although, how much time you spend on homework and assignments will be up to you.

Can I take more than one course at a time?
Yes, you can enroll in multiple courses.

What languages are Purdue NExT courses available in?
Currently, Purdue NExT courses are only offered in English. However, for corporate and institutional partners, courses are available to be translated at an additional fee.

What is a badge?
When a learner successfully completes a course, he or she earns a digital badge that identifies the recipient as having advanced competencies or skills. Learners can also earn badges for completing a series of courses. Purdue NExT badges are tied to the Mozilla Open Badge program and make use of Purdue's Passport badge technology. This credential can also be listed on résumés, social media profiles, email signatures and more.

Are the Purdue NExT courses the same as courses offered at Purdue University?
No. While Purdue NExT courses are based on various disciplines taught by Purdue University and reflect all the rigor, research, and content you would expect from Purdue University, Purdue NExT courses focus on applied professional development. This approach teaches learners how to master a specific marketable skill that they can immediately apply to their field of study or their occupation.

Are there prerequisites for Purdue NExT courses?
Some courses are part of a series and require that the courses are taken in order. Reference each course page to gain an understanding what prerequisites exist.

Are there admissions requirements?
No, there are no admissions requirements to enroll in a course. 

Can I earn credit for a Purdue NExT course?
Purdue NExT courses are not offered for college credit, but once learners successfully complete a course he/she will receive Purdue University Continuing Education Units (CEUs). Higher education institutions can incorporate these courses into the curricula of credit-bearing degrees. To learn more about benefits to institutions, click here.

How is Purdue NExT different from a massive open online course (MOOC)?
Purdue NExT brings you skill development courses facilitated from prominent Purdue faculty at the forefront in research and real life expertise. Through courses, learners engage with our faculty and learn from their expertise interactively through computer simulations and activities that enable you as the learner to apply your skills to your workplace and education immediately.


Technical Requirements

What are the technical requirements for taking a course?

  • Computer with current operating system (Windows XP or later; Mac OS X v10.4 Tiger or later)
  • Browser with the most recent update (Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari, Firefox)
  • High-speed connection to the internet
  • Email address
  • Suggested software: MS Office 2000 or later, Acrobat Reader 7 or later, virus protection software, and Flash player, Java or Shockwave plug-in


Corporate Professional Development FAQs

What are the benefits for my business?
Click here to learn how Purdue NExT courses will benefit your employees and organization.

What core competencies does a Purdue NExT course deliver on?
Purdue NExT professional development courses focus n several core competencies that allow learners to immediately apply what they have learned to their profession. Click here for a comprehensive listing of core competencies and the courses that satisfy each.

Can Purdue NExT deliver courses in person as well as online?
For corporate partnerships, Purdue NExT can deliver courses in a modality that fits your learning and development needs.

Are the courses listed on your website the only courses you offer?
Courses listed on our website, are standard courses that are presented on our cloud based Purdue NExT platform. However all Purdue University disciplines taught, are potential candidates for a NExT courses. Custom courses can be created to meet your specific learning and development needs. Custom delivery of content, depending on need, can be delivered in as little as 8 weeks.

Why would I choose Purdue NExT over a massive open online course (MOOC)?
Purdue NExT offers corporate partners the ability to consult with the Purdue University faculty facilitating courses delivered to their business. Content and interactive coursework can be customized to meet your specific learning and development needs. Purdue NExT brings value to your employee’s experience by utilizing subject matter experts to facilitate the learning experience while fostering cross-functionally engaging through company cohorts.

What does course customization mean and does is require an upfront purchase?
Purdue NExT ranges from standard courses offered in 5 modules (Retail cost $99-$299/per person) all the way to complete customization top to bottom.

How can my business get started?
To learn about pricing, course availability and more, click here to submit a request for more information. 


Institution FAQs

What are the benefits for my institution?
Click here to learn how Purdue NExT courses will benefit your institution and students.

How can my institution get started?
To learn about pricing, course availability and more, click here to submit a request for more information.


Registration, Payment & Account Info

How do I register for a course?
Click here to begin the registration and payment process for the course of your choice. If you need help registering or have questions about the registration process, please contact us at

How much does a course cost?
Purdue NExT’s courses have exclusive content, and costs vary from $99 to $299 per course.

What forms of payment are accepted?
All major credit cards are accepted.

Can I get financial aid?
Purdue NExT courses are not-for-credit courses and are not eligible for financial aid.

How do I log in to my account?
Click here to your account.

What if I have a billing problem?
Email for registration support.

To contact us with your support questions or request information about Purdue NExT, click here