Web Programming: Introduction to xHTML & CSS

Course Descriptions:

This course explores the architecture and development of the World Wide Web. Current tagging and scripting languages are covered in a tool-independent environment. Topics also include authoring tools, design, graphic and multimedia formats, and commerce, implementation, and security issues.

Students will Learn:

  • xHTML and CSS structure and syntax.
  • To apply styling and positioning concepts to web page layout and design.
  • To assess the relationship between CSS and xHTML.

Course Modules:

Module 1 – Course Introduction

  • Learning Objective: Examine markup languages used in web programming, list common markup languages, asses the relationship between Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) and Hypertext Markup Languages (xHTML).

Module 2 – Hypertext Markup Language

  • Learning Objective: Analyze the structure of xHTML, list document types, inspect xHTML Semantic Markup, and examine block elements.

Module 3 – Cascading Style Sheets

  • Learning Objective: Examine Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), define the use of CSS syntaxes, utilize CSS selectors and pseudo classes, and implement CSS font, text, color, and background properties.

Module 4 – Styling and Positioning

  • Learning Objective: Utilize xHTML and CSS to create a list of links, apply CSS styling, and examine types of positioning.

Module 5 – Computer Graphics for Web Developers

  • Learning Objective: Differentiate between raster and vector images, explore the use of Adobe Photoshop and After Effects for generating graphics, examine the methods of saving images, list the components of a production document, and evaluate the importance of Functional Specifications.

Recommended Background:

  • This course is targeted toward independent learners, working professionals, and students that wish to gain or improve their basic web programming skills.

Other Courses in the Series:

  • Web Programming: Internet Technologies, JavaScript, & Mobile Development (cot.web.i2) – Coming soon
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