Web Programming - Internet Tech, JavaScript & Mobile Development

Course Description:

This web development course explores the history of the World Wide Web, web page design and layout utilizing JavaScript, and mobile development. Topics also include authoring tools, database and server technologies, streaming services and applications, and both form creation and validation.

Students will Learn:

Students will learn the advantages and disadvantages of several CSS layout and positioning styles, analyze the structure, elements, controls, and validation of forms, be introduced to important dates in the history and development of the internet, examine the uses of JavaScript, list streaming services, and evaluate the pros and cons of mobile development.

Course Modules:

Module 1 – CSS Layout & Positioning

  • Learning Objective: Examine different types of layout and positioning styles, differentiate between the different styles, evaluate the benefits and limitations of each style, and identify the proper syntax for evoking the different styles.

Module 2 – Layout Walkthrough & Form Elements

  • Learning Objective: Explore the usefulness of Adobe Photoshop and Dreamweaver in creating fixed layouts, analyze the structure of forms for web development, list the elements and controls used in creating forms.

Module 3 – Form Processing & Internet History

  • Learning Objective: Examine the connections between form processing and databases and identify important milestones in the development of the internet.

Module 4 – Internet Technologies & Javascript

  • Learning Objective: Identify short hand and abbreviations for internet technologies, examine the uses of different internet technologies, differentiate between Java and JavaScript, define DOM and its uses, and utilize JavaScript to validate forms.

Module 5 – Video Streaming & Mobile Development

  • Learning Objective: Identify types of streaming services, evaluate benefits and limitations of different streaming protocols, list different mobile development platforms, weight pros and cons of mobile web, native application, and hybrid development.

Recommended Background:

  • This web development course is targeted toward independent learners, working professionals, and students that wish to gain or improve their basic web programming skills.

Other Courses in the Series

  • Web Programming: Introduction to xHTML & CSS (bs.web.i1)
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